25dirham for those crossing the pedestrian corridor in Morocco

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Road users in Morocco are liable to pay a fine of 25 dirhams if they do not respect the passage of the two men while crossing the streets.
On December 14, 2017, the national security authorities launched a number of Moroccan cities, including the city of Tangier, where a security source told Al-Alam 24 newspaper that traffic police in the city’s security state started to activate traffic violations against the men. In the case of disrespect of the pedestrian lane and a fourth degree violation is applied to them.
The activation of this law, pursuant to a new memorandum addressed to police officers, issued by the Director-General of National Security Abdul Latif al-Hamoushi, the need to apply the law to everyone.
The Traffic Code stipulates that every person who commits a violation of the public road shall be fined without taking the necessary precautions to avoid any danger, either on himself or on others, or in compliance with the special traffic rules set forth in this law or by any action that may be taken Damage to the road environment. The amount of the fine that the violators will be required to pay is set at 25 dirhams.

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